Welcome to Mutchler Home! AKA – Hey friends and family, here’s pictures of our house as requested.

Holy shit, we bought a house! That may be the tagline for our blog, I haven’t decided yet. I have a lot of mixed feelings about buying a house. Me, as in Alexa. That’s a good point to make – unless otherwise noted, I, Alexa, am writing these blogs. Never fear, though, as I’ll try to sprinkle some Andy “hum-dingers” throughout.

As someone with anxiety, I think of every possible scenario that could happen to me at any given time always. So, buying a house a few months after I had a total mental breakdown and quit my job, leaving Andy has the sole¬†breadwinner, definitely seemed a little crazy to me. However, we knew (as far as we could possibly know, at least) that’d we’d be here for a while, as Andy really loves his job, and he just landed a permanent position. We also knew that the market was in a great place here, and that home prices were continuing to go up. So, we wanted to get in. AND NOW. We were also just told that the owners of the house we were renting weren’t going to renew our lease, as they wanted to sell. Things were just all sort of pushing us towards buying, so we began to look, with the promise that we wouldn’t jump into anything too quickly just because we needed to leave our current living situation in two months. However, when we found out that a house in our ideal neighborhood came on the market in our ideal price range, we jumped on it.

Everything happened so quickly that I didn’t even really have a chance to think about it. Which I suppose is a good thing, as I have a tendency to over think things. That’s a lie. I don’t have a tendency to do that. I do that. Always. Guaranteed. Andy definitely lives a 100% stress-free life with me as his wife, for I am not at all a stressful person.

The plan was to vlog as we were moving in, take before and after pictures of painting, etc. but as I quickly found out – I am not going to be a good blogger. Ha! So, I’ve scrounged together some before pictures (read: I pulled some from our appraisal report), and some after as well. All we’ve done so far is paint, paint, paint. I’ve also unpacked just a little, and bought some plants and pulled out some decor. The plants are iffy, as I kill everything I touch. At least, every plant I touch. Wouldn’t that be interesting, though, to kill everything you touched? What a terrifying life. I’m sure I’ll have a nightmare about that tonight.

Without further ado – and rambling – pictures!

The Living Room


This was the living room when we first walked through the house. It’s a lovely… peach color. Also, the blinds + windows situation looks like big monster eyes with the fireplace looking like a big monster mouth. Scary. Here’s the new color (Passive by HGTV Sherwin Williams), and a shotty picture of the in-progress decor (I swear I’m going to get better at blogging):



The Kitchen


One of the first things I said (other than – “this smells like my grandparents house”), was that I was going to have to fix up the kitchen. I just HAVE to. Absolutely no doubt about it – I’ve already been taking paint swatches home and researching countertop options. Side note, Andy was really bummed that we couldn’t keep that TV mounted to the cabinet. Little does he know, that TV would never be allowed in my house. Unfortunately, other than paint, I haven’t done any updates to the kitchen. But it’s my most used room in the house, so be prepared to get sick of kitchen posts.

The Dining… Room?


This is the dining room area that I wasn’t thrilled with at first, but I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve, including painting and adding curtains, which I’ve already done. But keep an eye out for a future “updated dining room” post once we get our table!


The Great OutdoorsIMG_0635

The backyard is probably the best part of the house – even though it doesn’t look like it here. Keep in mind it’s Idaho and it’s cold AF here. Everything was dead but started to bloom by the time we closed and moved in. The backyard looks so different now (and we added a dank-ass hammock!):


Aaaaaaand obligatory picture of Foxie loving her new yard.



Until next time!


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